Tonight, the Swedish men will face arch-rival Finland in the floorball WC.

According to information to SVT Sport, Finland must have filmed Sweden's training yesterday, which is against the rules.

Team manager Mika Packalén confirms the information for SVT Sport.

- Finland themselves say that this is not the case, they claim their innocence, but we are not completely sure but we suspect Finland.

We know that the scam is going on, so we have informed the international federation about this and asked them to investigate, he says.

- According to the rules, you are not allowed to do that, and they claim that they are innocent so we understand that it is difficult to get to the bottom of this.

Sweden's national team captain Niklas Nordén was one of those who saw the cameras in the stands.

- Today we made a small selection and covered for all cameras when we trained.

So it was at least a small action.

We have known that it will be a fox and racket game, says Mika Packalén.

You can watch the match between Sweden and Finland on SVT2 and SVT Play at 18.00.

SVT Sport is looking for the Finnish floorball association.