Good evening and welcome to our live blog of the Eredivisie.

Two matches today: first the make-up match AZ-Fortuna and then Ajax and Willem II give the go-ahead of the fifteenth round.

Follow it closely here.

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  • AZ-Fortuna 0-1

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  • Ajax-Willem II

AZ-Fortuna Sittard a few seconds ago

30 'Flemming now had something very beautiful in his head.

The maker of the 0-1 sees Vindahl standing a bit too far in front of his goal and tries to lift the ball over the keeper from the center line, but that turns out to be a bit overconfident.

AZ-Fortuna Sittard a few seconds ago

27 'The chances for AZ to equalize are greater.

Wijndal gives Karlsson a free shooting opportunity, but the Swede aims exactly into the hands of Fortuna goalkeeper Van Osch.

AZ-Fortuna Sittard 4 minutes ago

22 'AZ seems to be recovering a bit after a very poor start.

Dani de Wit heads wide after a cross from right back Witry.

AZ-Fortuna Sittard 8 minutes ago

Flemming encourages all amateur athletes with his message.

๐Ÿ’ช Sport is healthy! Zian Flemming puts @FortunaSittard ahead in Alkmaar within 10 minutes and speaks out for amateur sport.

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ“บ ESPN#๏ธโƒฃ #AZFOR


Author ESPN NLMoment of places18: 05 - December 2, 2021

AZ-Fortuna Sittard 17 minutes ago

9' GOAL Fortune!


AZ just escaped, but now it is still hit.

Flemming is totally overlooked at a corner and takes full advantage of it.

The goalscorer celebrates in a playful way.

He conjures up a piece of paper with the text 'Sports is healthy', clearly referring to the corona measures of the cabinet.

17 minutes ago

25 minutes ago

2 'Almost a very early deficit for AZ.

Lonwijk takes a free kick from Seuntjens in one go on his shoe and only just sees the ball fly over the goal.

27 minutes ago

1' Kick-off!

The match between the number twelve and seventeen of the Eredivisie has started.

40 minutes ago

Both AZ and Fortuna did not win a game in November.

The last victory of the Alkmaarders dates from October 30 (3-2 against PEC Zwolle), the Limburgers have been waiting for a success since October 16 (1-0 against Cambuur).

an hour ago

And Fortuna's line-up, which is in penultimate place and therefore needs the points very badly.

van Osch;

Lonwijk, Angha, Pinto, Cox;

Tekie, Duarte, Musaba;

Noslin, Flemming, Seuntjens.

๐’๐“๐€๐‘๐“๐ˆ๐๐† ๐—๐ˆโ–ช๏ธ Basic places for Lonwijk, Duarte and Musaba; โ–ช๏ธ Seuntjens captain.

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an hour ago

The line-up of AZ, which wants to recover from Sunday's sleep-inducing display against Vitesse (0-0)

Vindahl Jensen;

Witry, Hatzidiakos, Martins Indi, Wijndal;

Gudmundsson, Clasie, DeWit;

Midtsjo, Karlsson, Pavlidis.

๐Ÿ“‹ ๐™Ž๐™ฉ๐™–๐™ง๐™ฉ๐™ž๐™ฃ๐™œ ๐™“๐™„โ™ฆ๏ธ With these eleven names, AZ will appear at the kick-off.

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