Sebastian Samuelsson took first place in this weekend's sprint competition.

Today he gets the chance again at home.

- I knew I was good at shooting and noticed that I had good riding capacity last week.

It feels good to be able to let go of my shoulders a bit and run my race now.

I will try to be as offensive as I was last time, says Samuelsson to SVT Sport.

Before the World Cup competitions, there has been a lot of talk about cold temperatures.

Samuelsson believes that it can be a big challenge.

- It is difficult with the hands above all, it becomes difficult to feel your fingers and then it can be difficult to shoot.

The challenge will be to find a good pair of gloves, he says.

Ponsiluoma revenge sucks

Martin Ponsiluoma got a nightmare start in the season premiere last weekend in Östersund.

Eight booms in the distance competition and then five in the sprint.

Before today's competition, he wants to take revenge.

- I want to go out and do good competitions and show that I really know this.

I'm incredibly hungry for revenge, says Ponsiluoma to SVT Sport.

He himself says that it worked very well in training and that the riding form looks nice.

- I'm charged.

It will be fun to go out and compete again.

I absolutely want to do better results than I showed last week.

As long as the shooter is sitting, it can probably be very good, he says.

The men's sprint is broadcast on SVT Play starting at 16:15.

The ladies' sprint starts at 13:30.

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Samuelsson is looking forward to competition at home