World star Kim Yeon-kyung is sweeping the Chinese volleyball league. It is so popular that even the opposing team players show their fans' hearts amidst the most goals scored in succession.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.


Kim Yeon-kyung performed a one-man show with 9 points from the first set against Fujian.

Exquisite spikes and blocking that control strength and weakness, as well as seasoned subscoring, led to a complete win by 10 points.

It was Kim Yeon-kyung who reversed the mood in the 3rd set, which was dragged after giving up the 2nd set.

After raising morale with his unique fighting gesture, he succeeded in successive powerful spikes and turned the tide of the battle.

Kim Yeon-kyung scored 25 points, the most for both teams, leading the team to three consecutive wins.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who played in two matches with the number of foreign players limited to one, is ranked first in the league's attack division with 42 points per season.

The local reaction to the performance of 'world star' Kim Yeon-kyung is also hot.

Chinese fans and local media even praised that "Kim Yeon-kyung has become an idol of the Chinese league", and her popularity is skyrocketing to the extent that the opposing team's players request a 'certification shot'.

Kim Yeon-kyung, who returned to Shanghai, China after 4 years, is continuing her heyday by making fans enthusiastic with her unchanging performances.

(Video editing: Nam Il, CG: Shim Soo-hyun, screen provided:SPOTV)