If the plans for the renovation of Camp Nou go ahead, FC Barcelona will probably not be able to play in their own stadium for a year.

The financially struggling club hopes for a credit of no less than 1.5 billion euros for the construction plans.

On December 19, the


(members) of Barcelona will vote in a referendum on the renovation plans for the stadium, which opened in 1957.

Board members estimate that the renovation will be approved by a majority of 75 to 90 percent,




"During the first year of construction work, we can still play at Camp Nou. But in the second year we will have to move to another stadium," said Barcelona CEO Ferran Reverter on Wednesday at a meeting in preparation for the referendum.

It is likely that in the 2023/2024 season, Barcelona will move to the stadium that was used at the 1992 Olympic Games at Montjuïc hill, which Espanyol has also used for years.

Barcelona has been playing in Camp Nou since 1957, which is largely uncovered.

Barcelona has been playing in Camp Nou since 1957, which is largely uncovered.

Photo: ANP

Barcelona also wants to strengthen selection with loan

Barcelona expects that the renovation will cost 900 million euros.

The club hopes to be able to finance this with new sponsorship deals, sales of extra skyboxes and concerts in the stadium.

In addition, the club wants to sell the name of the stadium to a sponsor.

The Catalan club, which had to let star player Lionel Messi go due to financial problems last summer, plans to take out a loan of 1.5 billion euros with the American investment bank Goldman Sachs.

This will not only pay for the construction of the stadium, but also strengthen the selection.

Barcelona expects to repay the loan in 35 years.

Partly due to the financial problems, Barcelona is going through a difficult season.

The club recently fired trainer Ronald Koeman and is only seventh in the league.

Next Wednesday, the new coach Xavi must avoid elimination in the Champions League against Bayern Munich.

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