I don't even remember why I took off the window.

Perhaps it has gotten a bit bland over time.

Or I just couldn't do it with the darts.

The nerve end of this, well, sport is, when you are in a state of perfect concentration, you aim at three times twenty and the damned arrow spins into a single one.

Conversely, you aim for double one to end the game victorious, and the arrow flies into three times twenty.

A brilliant result in principle, but completely for the cat in this case, a six in the lottery, just not given the ticket.

Yes, if you don't believe in your own inadequacy, darts is the shortest way to self-knowledge.

How complicated the whole thing is can be seen from the fact that dart players do not play darts, but darts, so that the "s" also flies as it wants.

Either way, golf is child's play against darts.

That's probably why I took my disc down.

I guess I'll get her out of the basement now, in case I find her among all the discarded sports junk.

The possible renaissance of the dart game here has a name: Fabian Schmutzler.

Is the new star in the darts sky.

A 16 year old from Frankfurt who qualified for the World Cup at Alexandra Palace in London, which starts in mid-December.

Fabian Schmutzler - you can remember the name, but you don't have to.

Because as usual for darts professionals, the Hessian shooting star listens to a battle name: "The Fabulous Fab".

In mid-December it will arrive at the legendary Alexandra Palace, which has a battle name itself: "Ally Pally", which sounds cooler than the Dortmund football stadium, which is called Signal Iduna Park and not Kloppodrom, as it should be.

In any case, the rest of the sport can learn a lot from darts.

The battle names alone?

IOC President Bach, for example, who always comes across as a bit awkward, would of course have a completely different entrance into the youth of the world as a “Bachelor” Bach.

Or: “The Master of Disaster” Löw at the gloomy end of his career as national coach?

Or Jan “New Kicks in the Blood” Ullrich in his big time?

It's of course a fine line with such names: “Freisler”, for example, an idea from the former DFB boss Keller to the address of his vice cook, was not so well received.

Better something harmless: Bum Bum Becker, something like that. "Dynamite" Hoeneß.

Personally, I will do without a fight name for the time being.

Got to hit sixty first.

But I already have some running-in music.

Queen: "Don't stop me now".