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World Table Tennis Championships, the men's doubles group Woo-Jin Jang and Jong-Hoon Lim made it to the finals for the first time in Korean men's doubles history.

By Kim Hyung-yeol, staff reporter.


Jang Woo-jin and Im Jong-hoon started off uneasy as they gave up their first game in the semi-final against Japan's Uda-Togami, who are ranked 4th in the world.

However, from the second game on, the mood changed completely.

Right-handed Jang Woo-jin countered the opponent's attack with a bold drive, and left-handed Jong-hoon Lim pressed down with a quick net play to score 9 points and tie the score, then reversing the trend without hesitation.

The shouts of the Republic of Korea resounded in the stadium in Houston, USA, and

[Korea Fighting! Korea Fighting!] In the

4th game, the two players roared together as their opponents couldn't get the topspin of Im Jong-hoon following Jang Woo-jin's serve.

They won 3-1 and advanced to the final of the World Championships for the first time in Korean men's doubles history.

[Jong-Hoon Lim/National Table Tennis Team: They were the players we lost last time (at the Asian Championships), but it feels so good to win.]

[Woo-Jin Jang/ National Table Tennis Team: Because the finals remain, make sure to win and bring joy to the fans with a gold medal. I want to give it to you.] The last

Korean World Championship victory was in 1993 by Hyeon Jeong-hwa in women's singles.

Jang Woo-jin and Lim Jong-hoon will face off against Sweden's Karlsson-Falk group in the final after beating China's group.

(Video editing: Nam Il, screen provided by SPOTV)