The Yokozuna deliberation committee for sumo wrestling was held, and Chairman Hironori Yano commented on Terunofuji Yokozuna, who won the championship in the Kyushu area. I want you to become a leader in the sumo world. "

The Yokotsuna Deliberation Committee was held on the 29th at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku, Tokyo.

After the meeting, Chairman Yano held a press conference about Terunofuji, who won the 6th victory in two places in a row with all 15 wins. "It's a really wonderful result. I have the impression that it is fruitful. "

On top of that, he said, "I feel that he has a fairly strong awareness. I hope he will continue to be a leader in the sumo world, including not only his strength but also his dignity."

On the other hand, Chairman Yano said that the infection situation of the new coronavirus is calm, and at the meeting on the 29th, if it is a well-managed sumo room, it may not be a problem to resume the training of wrestlers. It was revealed that he had conveyed his opinion to the Sumo Association.

Currently, training is not being conducted in other rooms, and the association responded to this opinion by saying, "I would like to hear the opinions of experts and make a decision based on that."

Chairman Yano said, "I want the wrestlers to become stronger. Due to the influence of the new corona, there is not enough training. I can't overdo it, but I want you to create a place to become stronger as soon as possible." rice field.