On November 28, hosted by the Winter Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sports, the Yunnan Provincial Sports Bureau, and the Organizing Committee of the China Ice and Snow Conference; the "Second China Digital Ice and Snow Games Kunming Station" undertaken by Digital Ice and Snow (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Kunming Houhai Snow World Plaza in Dianchi Lake ended.

The event uses online e-sports and offline experience activities to drive the public to walk in, learn about, and participate in ice and snow sports.

  The China Digital Ice and Snow Games is committed to promoting the in-depth integration of "ice and snow sports + digital technology" and promoting the development of digital national sports games.

In this event, the organizers introduced the sport of "desktop curling".

Desktop curling is to extend and transfer the curling movement to the table and the ground, and independently research and develop the liquid ice track, the bottom of the kettle, and the lubrication. It realizes that the sliding law of curling is similar to that of real curling, so that more people can share it. Experience the joy of curling.

(Reporter Dao Zhinan)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】