The Sumo Kyushu Basho's Three Awards Selection Committee was held, and the 15th frontal Abi, who has won 12 wins so far, was selected for the fighting award.

The Kyushu Place Sansho Selection Committee was held in Fukuoka City on the 28th of Chiakiraku, and the 15th frontal Abi, who had won 12 wins by the 14th day of the 27th, was selected for the fighting award.

Abi has returned to the Makuuchi for the first time in seven places, and has been praised for his success as he has piled up white stars with a powerful push such as defeating Ozeki and Takakeishō.

Abi is the third winner of the Fighting Fighting Award.

The 7th Ura in the front was selected for the skill award for the first time.

Ura has also shown various techniques such as "stepping" and "shoulder watermark", and has won 10 wins so far.

In addition, Takanosho's second frontal victory will be selected for the second fighting award if he wins the 11th victory over Abi of Chiakiraku.

There were no winners of the Shukun-sho.