Chinanews Client Beijing, November 27th. On the 26th local time, in the steel-framed snowmobile World Cup held in Innsbruck, Austria, Geng Wenqiang won the men's singles championship with a total time of 1:46.04.

This is China's first steel-framed snowmobile World Cup championship title, and Geng Wenqiang completed another historic breakthrough in China's ice and snow sports.

Geng Wenqiang completes another historic breakthrough in China's ice and snow sports. Source: Osports All Sports Photo Agency

  In the game that day, Geng Wenqiang played well in the first round. Among the 29 skaters who completed the slide, he ranked second with a time of 53.10.

In the second round, Geng Wenqiang continued his excellent form, gliding smoothly throughout the journey without any errors. In the end, he tied for the first place with the British player Weston and the German player Grossel with a total time of 1:46.04 and won the gold medal as he wished.

  Geng Wenqiang said after the match: "This is my first World Cup champion. Thank you to the entire team for your preparation and dedication this year."

  Although the steel frame snowmobile sport has a long history, it started relatively late in China.

At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the Chinese steel-framed snow team completed its "first show" on the top international stage.

Geng Wenqiang, known as the number one steel-frame snowmobile in China, won the 13th place in the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. He also became the first Chinese steel-frame snowmobile athlete to stand on the Olympic arena.

Geng Wenqiang in the Steel Frame Snowmobile World Cup in Innsbruck, Austria. Source: Osports All Sports Photo Agency

  After entering the Beijing Winter Olympics cycle, the performance of the Chinese Steel Framed Snow Team has improved by leaps and bounds, and has gradually taken a place in the international competitions.

Especially as the team leader, Geng Wenqiang has constantly used his achievements to fill the gaps in China's ice and snow sports in this field.

  Last season, at the La Plagne World Cup in France, Geng Wenqiang won the third place and became the first Chinese player on the podium of the World Cup.

Now he has gone further and wrote a new history for China's ice and snow sports with a World Cup gold medal.

For Geng Wenqiang's performance, the International Snowmobile and Steel Frame Snowmobile Federation also affirmed through its official website.

  Less than 70 days have passed since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Looking forward to the "Snow Youlong" stadium of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Geng Wenqiang will lead the Chinese steel-framed snow team to make more breakthroughs.