Liverpool's Thiago Alcantara fired an amazing medium-range cannon in the European Champions League. The ball floated as if it were defying gravity.

Correspondent Ha Seong-ryong.


Liverpool's Thiago made a splash with his super-speed medium-range cannon from a distance of 23m.

The trajectory of the ball was even more surprising.

The ball with a strong spin seemed to sink slightly, then magically surged through the grass, pierced a defender's leg, hit the post and sucked.

[Local broadcast: Wow, that's great. It's an amazing shot.] Praises

poured in for the gravity-defying shooting, like a sidearm pitcher's 'rising fastball'.

[Klopp/Liverpool Manager: It was an incredible thunderbolt goal.]

[Michael Owen/BT Sports Commentator: It's almost impossible to kick like this. Maybe one or two people in the world.]

Liverpool added Thiago's Wonder goal and Salah's goal to win 2-0 and run their fifth straight win.

--- After

Messi's cross, Mbappe shakes the net.

Paris Saint-Germain, led by Messi, Mbappe and Neymar, took the lead with a goal, but Manchester City made a comeback with a sophisticated pass football.

In the second half of the second half, Sterling and Jejus' consecutive goals exclaimed their defeat two months ago, and they advanced to the round of 16 as the top group in the group.

(Video editing: Kim Byung-jik)