Professional baseball and giants have announced that they will not sign a contract for next season for Dai-Kang Yang, who has been transferred as a free agent for the fifth year, but will make a free contract.

According to the team, Yo has offered a free contract to try on a new stage.

In his 16th year as a professional player, 34-year-old Yang won the stealing king and the Golden Glove Award four times at Nippon-Ham Fighters. I transferred to a giant with a limited FA.

Yo was expected to play an active role as a regular with an estimated five-year contract for a total of 1.5 billion yen, but he played the most games due to injuries and batting averages in 110 games in the first year of Reiwa. This season, I played only 7 games and had a batting average of 10%, 4 minutes and 3 minutes.

The giant had a policy to sign a contract next season as well, but on the 25th, he announced that he would not sign a contract for the next season and will make a free contract, saying that "Yo has offered to challenge on a new stage next season". bottom.