• French skier Julien Lizeroux retired at the start of 2021, at the age of 41.

  • The 2009 slalom vice-world champion embarked on a formidable challenge: tumbling between 100 fiery poles as part of



  • This very spectacular video project was produced in La Plagne (Savoie) by his freeskier friend Julien Régnier.

Julien Lizeroux retired from sports last January at the age of 41, but he has not left adrenaline-rich projects on the slopes.

The Savoyard skier, who will organize the 4th edition of the Super Slalom on April 2, 2022, with 300 poles to swallow in one go on a 4 km track in his home resort of La Plagne, has just presented a crazy challenge.

In a spectacular video made by his friend Julien Régnier, we indeed discover the 2009 slalom vice-world champion in total darkness.

In La Plagne, Julien Lizeroux finds himself hurtling down a night track, at full speed and between 100 burning poles.

15 people mobilized for this fiery project

A challenge as technical as artistic, which has put the athlete to the 20 career seasons to the test. "Going into the dark night with torches for only light, it is an experience that could not be more delicate," says Julien Lizeroux. I had to deal with the unknown, the apprehension of not seeing anything between the stakes and the risk of fire. "

We can see it at the closest contact with the flames, while 15 people were mobilized on this (very) offbeat project, including firefighters.

For the production of this short video, the shooting conditions were also complex.

"We needed two nights of tests before having the correct technique for lighting the poles, as well as a good evening of adjustments to manage the low lighting and the piloting of the drone", explains Julien Régnier, freeskier at the very creative vision.

This duo

on Fire

has not finished talking about him.


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