A famous swimming coach accused of physical and psychological harassment by the multiple Olympic medalist Laszlo Cseh announced Thursday his resignation in Hungary, a country which usually shines in the sport.

“As of today, I am stepping down as chairman of the training committee of the Hungarian Swimming Federation (MUSZ),” said Gyorgy Turi, 64, in an open letter published by the media.

Nicknamed the "Tsar"

Laszlo Cseh, coached by Turi for most of his career until 2014, revealed in an interview in October that the coach subjected swimmers to physical abuse.

The two-time world champion and six-time Olympic medalist, who retired after the Tokyo Olympics, added that he was the victim of "psychological terror".

Subsequently, several other swimmers testified to violence, with one swimmer claiming that Gyorgy Turi was nicknamed the "Tsar" and compared them to pigs when she gained weight.

The latter considered that these allegations made his situation "unmanageable" and risked damaging the reputation of the sport and its club.

A "serious doubt" cast on the results obtained

The MUSZ opened an investigation at the beginning of the month and estimated Thursday in a statement that this departure was "the only acceptable decision". "There is no room for abuse in Hungarian swimming" and even if the club of Gyorgy Turi "has achieved fantastic success", the revelations "cast serious doubt on these results", specified the authority. .

The coach admitted hitting a swimmer in the face and using a stick during his practice sessions.

But he has defended his methods in recent interviews.

"That the one who never took a child out of the water by the hair in the 1980s in a more aggressive way than what is acceptable today throw the first stone at me", he reacted to the site 24.hu information two weeks ago.

Swimming is a very popular sport in Hungary and this country of 9.8 million inhabitants collects medals in international competitions.


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