• Crisis Extension of ERTE in Renault until June 30

Volkswagen Navarra will not manufacture cars for the next two weeks

due to a lack of parts.

From this Friday it closes and in principle it will return to activity on Monday, December 13, although there are doubts about it and a new ERTE is looming that the management has not yet communicated.

What is clear is that it will

hardly be able to manufacture more than 230,000 vehicles this year

, which is a drastic reduction compared to previous years.

A few weeks ago, Volkswagen Navarra reduced its annual forecasts to

237,500 manufactured cars


The seven-business-day strike with this closure would mean a

cut of about 10,000 vehicles

to that figure.

In 2019, production reached

320,523 units

and last year,

in the middle of the pandemic, 242,666


The president of the factory's works council,

Alfredo Morales

(UGT), explained to

Europa Press

that the part for which there is no supply is the control of the

climatronic, a semiconductor that comes from Thailand.

It is not the only supply problem that has affected the Navarran company that manufactures the

T-Cross, the new Polo and the recently released Taigo


The T-Cross's double boot trays (the factory's most profitable model) are not being delivered on time either.

"They tell us that the ship is still in Malta,"

said sources from the labor representation quoted by the digital

Noticias de Navarra


Some 3,000 assembled units of that model are waiting to receive the part for it to be finished.

The SEPE cannot cope

The drop in production figures and working days is

punishing a workforce that still does not know when it will receive the part of the salary that corresponds to the workers from the SEPE

and that the company is not covering due to problems "of contributions and communication "with the aforementioned public service of the Ministry of Labor.

The works council is trying to

negotiate with the company to cover that part of the salaries for the time being until the SEPE liquidates them to the workers

, which, according to what has transpired, would be from next

January 10



We have a guarantee agreement

that expires at the end of December of this year, we have to work with the company's management to renew that agreement and have those guarantees of employment and salary the first months of next year," Morales explains.

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