Chinanews client, November 24th, local time on the 23rd, the 2021 Houston World Table Tennis Championships officially swing.

In the first round of the mixed doubles, the two Sino-US transnational combinations both scored a good start. Among them, Kanak/Wang Manyu defeated Russian Sidorenko/Terakova 3:0, while Lin Gaoyuan/Zhang An defeated the same score. The Portuguese combination Thiago-Apollonia/Shao Jeni.

  The Chinese team formed a cross-country pairing with a number of associations at the 2015 Suzhou World Table Tennis Championships. The combination of Xu Xin/Liang Xiayin finally won the mixed doubles gold medal; at the 2017 Düsseldorf World Table Tennis Championships, the Chinese team’s partner Fang Bo Solga of Germany won third place in the mixed doubles match.

  In the first day of this World Table Tennis Championships, two pairs of Sino-US mixed doubles made their debut.

Kanak/Wang Manyu took the lead and faced Russian players Vladimir Sidorenko and Maria Terakova. The two dominant players completely dominated the game and finally defeated their opponents by a big score of 3:0. , Successfully advanced.

  Lin Gaoyuan/Zhang An also performed very well afterwards. They did not give the first-round opponents Thiago Apollonia and Shao Jeni too many opportunities, and finally advanced to the next round with the same score of 3:0.