It turned out that Seiya Suzuki, who is aiming to transfer to the major leagues from professional baseball Hiroshima using the posting system, will be able to negotiate with the major league baseball team from the 22nd.

The deadline for negotiations is 22nd next month, and it will be interesting to see where Japan's leading smashers will belong to next season.

27-year-old Suzuki won the title with the top hitter and the highest on-base percentage this season, and announced his intention to challenge the major leagues using the posting system in discussions with the team on the 16th of this month.

In response to this, Hiroshima filed the application procedure, and from the 22nd, the Major League Baseball Organization notified all 30 baseball teams that it would be possible to negotiate a contract with Suzuki, according to an interview with Major League Baseball officials.

The deadline for negotiations is 22nd next month and 7:00 am on the 23rd of next month, Japan time.

Regarding Suzuki, the American media reports that several major league baseball teams are hoping to win as strong regular candidates.

On the other hand, if the Major League Baseball Organization is having difficulty negotiating a labor-management agreement with the players' association and cannot agree on a new agreement by the deadline of the 1st of next month, it may affect Suzuki's negotiations. I have.

A lot of attention will be paid to the future of the negotiations, including where the negotiations for the major league baseball agreement will proceed smoothly, and where the smashers representing Japan will belong to next season.