The young cross-country skier was forced to go home from Val Senales due to a cold and then missed this weekend's premiere in Gällivare.

Poromaa now announces itself that there will be no competitions in Ruka next weekend.

- I will not go to Ruka and the plan is to be in Bruksvallarna until I go to Lillehammer.

I will stay here to train, he says to SVT Sport.

Poromaa is disappointed to have missed this weekend's Swedish premiere, as he was looking forward to starting the season.

But he says he is trying to stay positive.

- The goal does not affect it, but it is clear that it changes the plan a little and you look at the season a little differently.

It's not always a dance on roses and we try to be positive.

I know what my basic capacity is and what I can do when I'm ready.

There is a lot left for the Olympics and I see it as a challenge.