China News Service, Shanghai, November 19th. Title: Zhou Guanyu talks about becoming the first F1 driver in China: Compared with pressure, this is something to be proud of

  Author Zhou Zhuoao Miao Lu

  "Before signing the contract, I didn't tell anyone about this. After the official announcement, many people sent congratulations on WeChat. There were nearly two or three hundred messages in a while. I was very happy. So compared to the pressure, I In terms of this, this is something to be proud of.” Talking about becoming the first F1 driver in China, Zhou Guanyu, who is playing in F2 in the UK, said in an online interview.

  On the evening of November 16th, Beijing time, the Alfa Romeo team announced that Chinese driver Zhou Guanyu will officially replace Antonio Giovinaz as the team’s second driver and partner Vatlier Bottas in the F1 field in the 2022 season.

As a result, Zhou Guanyu will become the first Chinese driver to participate in the Formula One World Championship over 70 years ago.

  From the age of 7 to kart, to becoming the first F1 driver in China at the age of 22, looking back on the road of development along the way, Zhou Guanyu said frankly: "This road has not been smooth sailing. I have paid too many things silently behind my back, if it is not true. If you like it, you will not work hard to achieve your goals at all costs."

  Zhou Guanyu's goal and dream is to join F1. Regarding the title of China's first F1 driver, Zhou Guanyu believes that it is more proud than pressure.

"For me, I realized my dream, and at the same time made Chinese fans wait for drivers from my country. Before signing the contract, I was under a lot of pressure. Until the end of the contract, it seemed that the pressure was released." Zhou Guanyu said .

  Zhou Guanyu's pressure was not only because F1 was extremely difficult to follow, but also because of the unsatisfactory 2020 season, he was hit hard. Too many mechanical failures caused him to lose a lot of points.

Zhou Guanyu said: “F1 is a very difficult road, especially with the 40-point super driver’s license. The outstanding performance in the championship allows the F1 teams to see your strength and are willing to recruit you into the team."

  Facing the upcoming new season, Zhou Guanyu said that he is ready to meet the difficult start. “It will be very difficult to just enter F1. You need to find your comfort zone from it, so that you can play better and better. The most important thing next year is to release. Be calm, play steadily. I hope to continue to improve in every game of the season."

  For next season’s new partner Bottas, Zhou Guanyu praised him, “Bottas is a very good and very fast driver. He has stood on the championship podium many times. This is not easy. Things. With him in the new season, I can learn a lot from him."

  Zhou Guanyu said that in order to ensure that he has a stable performance and better performance in the first race of F1 in the 2022 season, he hopes that he can be fully prepared, and simulator training is the most important step.

  Compared to F2, F1 has a more intensive schedule and higher requirements for drivers.

Zhou Guanyu revealed that in order to realize the dream of F1, he has always required himself in terms of physical reserve and daily training since he started to fight in F2.

  Due to the ongoing epidemic situation around the world, the F1 Chinese Grand Prix will not appear in the 2022 season calendar. Zhou Guanyu feels very sorry about this. "Every driver wants to participate in the race in his hometown, especially the F1 race. After becoming the first official Chinese F1 driver, I also hope that one day I can compete in my hometown. Although there will be no Chinese station next year, I will have a satisfactory performance on the track."

  As for the goal of becoming an official F1 driver, Zhou Guanyu said: “Joining F1 is my dream, and my dream has already been realized. At this stage, I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself. I just hope to prepare for the season early in my current state. Work. For next year, many things are unknown, wait until the season starts before giving yourself a precise goal." (End)