KT coach Lee Kang-cheol led an overwhelming victory with his soft leadership, which is rare so far. He took off the tag of the second-in-command that followed during his active duty and stood tall as the best master.

Correspondent Lee Seong-hoon.

Even at the thrilling moment of winning the first championship as a


director Lee Kang-cheol was not excited.

After encouraging the coaching staff and hugging each and every one of them, they soared into the sky.

[Lee Kang-cheol/KT Manager: After becoming a manager (win), it feels good to see the things piled up on my shoulders go down and receive the spotlight after a long time.]

Lee Kang-cheol, who led Haitai to the championship five times as the best submarine pitcher during his active career, is always 'National Treasure-class pitcher'. ' He was called the 'second person' under Seon Dong-yeol.

After retiring as a coach for 14 years, he took over as a coach at the age of 53, showing his mature abilities for a long time.

Respected for his gentle leadership that respects character, he created a strong team with cool mercenary skills using the latest tactics and data.

Finally, after the regular season, winning

[yigangcheol (July 31, shortly after the regular season championship): was I with two arguments career began as a desire to first place as you are finished, but the leaders, one once the same will be done]

Korea Even before the series, he was full of confidence.

[Lee Kang-cheol / KT Director: We'll finish it quickly.

If we get a win in the early stages, we are also thinking 4-0.]

[Kim Tae-hyung/Doosan Manager: Think as you like]

And he dominated autumn baseball at will.

He climbed to the top with a cog-shaped pitcher change and most of his outrageous operations.

Director Lee Kang-cheol, who stood tall as the number one person, was a little late with a new nickname of 'steel magic', but he opened the age of the gods more splendidly than anyone else.

(Video coverage: Seol Seol-hwan, video editing: Nam Il)