Many of Modo's supporters chose to give up their season pass last year to support the club financially during the tough pandemic year.

To thank the fans, the day was played in honor of completely unique tribute shirts with all the supporters' names on them.

In the new green place, they also delivered on the ice and won against Vita Hästen 4-2.

It was the first period that paved the way for the victory.

The home team connected the grip directly through two early goals by Canadian Sam Vigneault.

Hill David Bernhardt then followed up with two more Modo goals before the first period was over.

- We play very well as you can see on the scoreboard.

Now we just have to keep going, two-goal shooter Sam Vigneault told C More after the first period.

Modo managed to keep out

But instead of pulling away in the goal record, Modo let in Vita Hästen in the match.

Jimmy Andersson reduced first in the middle to 4-1.

In the final period, Colby Sissons and Filip Cruseman saw that it was 4-3 with the minute left.

Modo, however, managed to hold off and take three new points.

With the victory, they are now in third place in the table.