The matches in the Eredivisie and Kitchen Champion Division will continue in the coming weeks without an audience, the KNVB announced on Wednesday.

The football association is also working with the outgoing cabinet on a compensation scheme for the clubs.

Due to the corona measures, the next three rounds in the Eredivisie and Kitchen Champion Division must be completed without an audience.

The necessary clubs did not like that and asked for a postponement, but that will not come.

"It turns out to be virtually impossible to postpone duels. It is also risky for the progress of the competitions, while the development of the corona virus is uncertain. That is why the conclusion of this study is that the games will not be postponed," the KNVB said on Wednesday. .

In recent days, the KNVB has discussed the matter with politicians, the police and supporter associations.

"Fortunately, the cabinet is sensitive to the fact that football clubs suffer financial damage because they have to play without an audience, and a compensation scheme is being worked out in consultation with us."

The current corona measures apply at least until Saturday 4 December.

It is unclear whether the public will be welcome again in the football stadiums after that.

The KNVB wants to hear from the government what it takes to get the stands full again.