Giants Tatsunori Hara (63), who missed three consecutive victories in professional baseball and the Central League and finished third in the season, reported the battle of this season to the owner, and received a request for a three-year contract from the baseball team next season. It was officially decided to take command after that.

In this season, which is the third year of the three-year contract, Hara continued to be in a situation where his strength was not ready due to injury from captain Hayato Sakamoto, and he lost 10 consecutive games in the final stage and ended up in 3rd place. , The climax series also lost in the final stage and did not advance to the Japan Series.

Under these circumstances, the owner, Toshikazu Yamaguchi, said last month that he wanted to entrust Hara to rebuild the team and asked him to take command from next season onward, and that he had obtained his consent.

And on the 15th, Hara reported to the owner Yamaguchi about this season at the baseball team office in Tokyo, and it was officially decided to accept the three-year contract from the baseball team and take command from next season onwards.

Hara recalled this season, saying, "The fact that none of the players who have been enrolled since last year outperformed last season is the cause of our vices."

"The results do not always improve, but we must improve them. It is important for the coaches and each player to raise their awareness and qualifications," he said.

On top of that, he renewed his determination for next season, aiming to be the best in Japan for the first time in 10 years, saying, "We will build a strong team. We will build a team that fans will love. We cannot give up these two points."