In the power struggle for the presidency of the German Football Association, one of the regional associations has confirmed the nomination of Peter Peters and Bernd Neuendorf.

The Westphalian Football and Athletics Association (FLVW) wrote on Monday morning that it had "submitted two candidate proposals for the future President of the German Football Association (DFB)".

The "kicker" had previously reported on the process on Sunday.

“The DFB is facing major challenges and changes.

It is therefore important for us in Westphalia to start this new beginning with a real democratic process, ”the association president Gundolf Walaschewski is quoted in the message.

He is happy to have a program and a team introduced by both candidates.

"There are two candidates with great potential and lots of ideas for German football," added Walaschewski.

The Presidium had “unanimously” voted in favor of the two candidates' proposal.

Actually, the amateur representatives wanted to name a common candidate by this Monday.

The election will take place at the Bundestag on March 11, 2022 in Frankfurt am Main.

The amateur representatives reject a dual leadership, now it could come to a fight candidate between Peters and Neuendorf.