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are suspicions that the decision to suspend the KBO league in July was favored by a specific club. When SBS independently obtained and checked the transcript of the KBO Board of Directors, it was revealed that Doosan former President Jung Ji-taek led the league suspension.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.

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large number of Doosan players, the opposing team, were judged to be close contacts due to the NC players' violation of quarantine in July.

According to the COVID-19 response manual, NC and Doosan should use substitute players to push through the match.

However, the KBO Board of Directors discussed whether the league should go ahead or not, and President Jung Ji-taek expressed his opposition from the beginning.

[Ji Ji-taek / KBO President (voice band): (NC or Doosan) If more than 60% of the current managers or players need to be replaced, I think this is virtually impossible. About NC and Doosan replacing all players and making them go ahead... As the chairman, I am against it.]

Some of the representatives of the clubs who insist on carrying out the league are against President Chung, who is from Doosan.

[CEO of Club A (voice): First of all, Doosan seems to have a certain preference... . In principle, it seems to be right to enforce the rules.]

Then, President Jung brings out an exception rule in the manual that indicates the possibility of the league suspension.

[Jung Ji-taek / KBO President (voice band): It is not about the pros and cons of the club, but whether it meets the (exception) standard that makes normal operation difficult in our regulations.

The position of NC and Doosan...

.] After

two and a half hours of debate, the board decided to suspend the league, and NC and Doosan were able to resume the league with normal power after the Olympics.

In response to this, President Jung said, "The board has never argued for content that is beneficial to a specific club."

(Video editing: Woo-jung Woo, CG: Kim Jong-un, Im Chan-hyeok, Jang Seong-beom)   

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