Seiya Suzuki, a professional baseball player who is paying attention to whether or not to challenge the major leagues in this off-season, is gaining interest in the major leagues as the Mariners team executives highly evaluated the power on the 9th.

Suzuki of Hiroshima won the title of the top hitter and the highest on-base percentage this season, and it is attracting attention whether to challenge the major leagues that have been interested for a long time using this off-posting system.

In the major leagues, a meeting where general managers in charge of team formation gathered together began on the 9th in Carlsbad, California, and several teams showed interest in Suzuki.

Among them, Mariners' Deport General Manager said, "He is a great player. He has all the power, defense, shoulder strength, etc. and can handle a lot of at-bats. I do not know if he will come to the major leagues. However, it's a fun player to watch wherever he is, "he said, praising Suzuki's power.

In addition, baseball team executives such as the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rangers said, "I can't comment on a particular player yet," and "I'm certainly aware that he may use the posting system." There is growing interest in the major leagues, such as talking.

Meanwhile, Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, who became a free agent for Pirates, was interviewed by Joel Wolfe, who said, "6 or 7 teams are interested in him. Of course, we are negotiating with Pirates. And the team wants him to come back. "

After that, he said, "The important thing is whether or not you can participate in the game every day. I am confident that I will get good conditions."