Alexander Ovechkin continues to amaze fans with his performance in the new season.

The Russian scored in the next match of "Washington".

The Capitals hosted Buffalo at home and won 5-3.

In the second period, the captain of the "capital" put the stick under the throw of Dmitry Orlov and chalked up the 741st goal in the regular championships of the National Hockey League.

Thus, in the list of the best snipers in history, he caught up with Brett Hull, with whom he now shares fourth place.

Ovechkin is second only to recognized legends - Jaromir Jagr, Gordy Howe and Wayne Gretzky.

The hockey player himself commented on the achievement quite modestly, although he admitted that it was pleasant to be in such a company.

“I'm just going to this day after day.

The numbers are big, but we need to move on.

Of course, it's good to catch up with Hull, but I still have a couple of games in reserve to get around him, ”the official website of the NHL quotes Ovechkin as saying.

Moreover, during the meeting, Alexander had every chance to issue a double.

As Washington forward Tom Wilson admitted after the meeting, he prevented the Russian from reaching a clean fourth place already in this game.

“If not for me, he would have overtaken Hull today.

When we scored the first goal, Ovechkin put his stick in.

The puck was already flying into the goal, but it struck my hand.

If I had just stepped aside a little, we would have been talking about Jagre now, ”the Canadian admitted.

Ovechkin is still far from the result of the legendary Czech.

To catch up with Jagr, the Russian needs to score 37 goals.

However, according to Hull himself, this chase will be interesting to watch.

“I will not say that he is unique until he overtakes Gretzky.

Then Ovechkin will be the only one.

And now he is one of those who know how to score.

Alexander is good at it, we must give him his due.

He is a great hockey player, ”said the American.

The Russian added to his piggy bank one more achievement following the results of the match with Buffalo.

He made his 600th transfer to the NHL.

This result is statistically more modest - only 93rd in the history of the league.

However, among the Russians, only Pavel Datsyuk (604), Sergei Zubov (619), Evgeny Malkin (680) and Sergei Fedorov (696) gave more.

Interestingly, the head coach of "Washington" Peter Laviolette did not even know about it.

“I didn't even notice.

We are all used to concentrating on his goals.

But at the same time, Alex knows how to play pass, and his trio is good at the puck.

Ovechkin played another strong match.

He constantly went to the gate, looking for a moment to finish.

His link looked incomparable: Kuznetsov controlled the entire game, and Ovechkin created a lot of chances.

He scored one goal, but he could have sent more to the net.

He worked not only for himself, but also for partners.

However, as usual, ”the expert commented on the game.

In the list of the best snipers of the season, Ovechkin also came out on top.

The Russian has 11 goals, while the Edmonton striker Leon Dreiseitl has only 10. In the first 12 matches of the season, the Russian has already scored 21 (11 + 10) points.

According to the striker himself, he managed to achieve this result thanks to the teamwork of the attacking troika.

“Sometimes we have ups and downs. But we skate well, work with our feet and create a lot of scoring chances - we play interesting. Of course, it's good to know exactly when the season will start and by what date you need to bring yourself to peak form. The past year has been weird. All these protocols, restrictions ... I will not say anything bad, but those moments were frustrating. The most important thing is that we are all healthy. And you know, we're just enjoying hockey right now. Fans in the stands, great atmosphere. It's fun to play! " - Ovechkin admitted.

It should be noted that all the Russians of "Washington" were at their best that evening.

Evgeny Kuznetsov made three assists, Orlov gave the same pass-throw, after which Alexander scored.

Ovechkin scored three points, played five minutes on a power play, and helped the Capitals end a three-losing streak.

As Wilson admitted, when his partners are in this shape, he just tries to give them the puck more often.

“Our link played well.

But in recent matches, we would like to act even better.

In the game with "Buffalo" we tried very hard to add, to push our team bus forward a little.

When Ovechkin and Kuznetsov play as they do now, I just try to give them the puck more often.

And what happens next turns out well.

In general, it is very pleasant to win like this.

We have done a real team work, ”said the forward.

According to the two-time Olympic champion Vyacheslav Fetisov, the main goal for Ovchekin in the NHL is Gretzky's record, and other hockey players in the team feel his mood.

“The most important thing is that there are no injuries: neither he nor all our candidates for the Olympic team.

We trained with Sasha in the summer.

He is tuned into this historic step, which is important not only for hockey, but also for world sports history.

At the same time, one should not forget that hockey is a team game, and the guys who go out on the ice with it feel all this too, ”TASS quotes Fetisov as saying.

Ahead of "Washington" guest meeting with "Detroit".

For Ovechkin, this is another chance to get closer to his cherished goal.

There are 154 washers left before Gretzky's record.