On November 5th, at the "Youth without Regrets" China Youth Olympic Spirit Sharing Conference, Olympic champion Gong Lijiao shared the bits and pieces of his journey through video.

  "A person must have a dream, what if it is realized?" Gong Lijiao often talked about it.

In many cases when she almost compromised with herself, she always used these words to persuade herself to persevere.

  It is this kind of persistence that in the Tokyo Olympic shot put competition held in August this year, Gong Lijiao threw a personal best of 20 meters and 58 meters.

She took the final step of the Grand Slam with the first Olympic gold medal in track and field events in China.

  Gong Lijiao's dream doesn't stop there.

For the future, she has more hopes.

  "I will not leave the arena easily. I have a higher goal to pursue. '21' is my lucky number, and it is also my desire to test my limits in the arena. I will try my best to launch towards the goal of 21 meters. Shock, give yourself a satisfactory answer.” (Reporter Yue Chuan produced Le Xiaomin video source China Sports News)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]