What do you want to say about the World Table Tennis Championships?

"Hope to beat the Chinese team and win the singles and women's doubles championships"

Recently, in an interview with Japanese media

Mima Ito

Make the above-mentioned prospects for the upcoming World Table Tennis Championships

Data map: Sun Yingsha and Ito Mima are in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

The content of this interview

After spreading on social media

Hotly discussed

Some netizens joked

"Even after repeated defeats, we still insist on repeated defeats."

Image source: Screenshot of Weibo comment.

2021 World Table Tennis Championships

Will be held in Houston, USA from November 23 to 29

As part of the Paris Olympic cycle

The first international competition

This year's World Table Tennis Championships made all players attach great importance to it

Image source: Screenshot of ITTF's official Weibo.

Women's singles

"China-Japan Showdown" is still

The inevitable theme

Chen Meng, Sun Yingsha, Ito Mima

Ranked among the top three women's singles in the world

And the potential meeting of the three at the World Table Tennis Championships

Became the center of attention

Data map: Mima Ito and Hayabusa Mizutani celebrated their victory after winning the mixed doubles Olympic championship.

"Big talk" of the past

Mima Ito

Performance in recent interviews

Demonstrates the ambition of the Japanese team

The young Japanese generation has always longed for

Shake the dominance of national table tennis

Data map: Mima Ito once shed tears after losing to a Chinese player.

In a previous interview

Mima Ito said

"The day after the Tokyo Olympics

I thought about the next goal

Won the World Table Tennis Championship in November"

Data map: Japanese player Mima Ito.

And speaking of specific matches

Mima Ito speaks frankly

"Hope to beat the Chinese team in the World Table Tennis Championships

Win singles and women's doubles championships"

Image source: Screenshot of Weibo comment.

This is not

Mima Ito formulated it for herself for the first time

Such a high goal

Already before the 2019 Budapest World Table Tennis Championships

Mima Ito also said

To win the championship in all three competitions

But in the end she was defeated in the third line


Image source: Screenshot of Weibo comment.

Before the Tokyo Olympics

Mima Ito is even more eloquent


win 3 gold medals

at home

In the end, her partner Mizutani Hayabusa won the mixed doubles championship.

But in the women's singles semifinal against Sun Yingsha

She was quickly defeated

And "Little Devil" Sun Yingsha

Is praised by netizens as

"The world is only a'rattan' piece"

Data map: Mima Ito in the game.

After the Tokyo Olympics

Mima Ito expressed

While praising her old rival Sun Yingsha

Also means

Will "bite" her hard training

"I still want to win against Sun Yingsha"

The Tokyo Olympics award ceremony.

Photo by Du Yang from China News Service

A month ago

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Japan Table Tennis Association

Announced the 100th anniversary vision plan

Announced to surpass China by 2031

Become the world's No. 1 table tennis power


What do netizens think

Once this news is published

The domestic audience responded enthusiastically

Views are mainly divided into two camps

Image source: Screenshot of Weibo comment.

Even after 10 years

Japanese table tennis

Can't surpass Guoping

The comments are mostly ridiculous

Image source: Screenshot of Weibo comment.

And there are more netizens

Hold a more rational point of view

Look at this issue

Some viewers said

"It can be despised mentally, but it must be valued strategically"

Image source: Screenshot of Weibo comment.

In addition there are

Many netizens said

The spirit of Mima Ito

Very valuable

Is a respectable opponent

Image source: Screenshot of Weibo comment.

Indeed, as a professional athlete

Keep before going on the field

Enough confidence is more helpful

Play in the game

But self-confidence also needs to be built on the basis of strong strength

Data map: The Rio Olympics, Japan's Yoshikawa Ishikawa (middle) and Mima Ito (third from left) embraced and celebrated.

Judging from past experience

Mima Ito's goal

Very clear

And she also trained hard

"Bite" tightly

The best players in national table tennis

Data map: Weeping Ai Fukuhara (right) and Japan's Mima Ito (left) celebrate their victory in the game.

From the rapid rise in recent years

To the Tokyo Olympics

Won the mixed doubles gold medal for Japan

You can see her progress

Image source: Screenshot of Weibo comment.

In competitive sports

This arena that speaks by strength

The pace of national table tennis

Robust and swift

Inheritance from generation to generation

The spirit and strength of the team has continued

Data map: The picture shows the Chinese team celebrating the victory.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

When "China-Japan Showdown"

Continue to be for some time to come

The main theme of the table tennis arena

The team's efforts to prepare

Reasonable support from fans

Will be the glory of the national football


The World Table Tennis Championship is coming

While cheering for the national table tennis players

May as well take a look

Mima Ito’s goal this time

Is there any hope?

(Author Liu Xingchen)