All Dutchmen who were arrested in Berlin in recent days around Feyenoord's Conference League match against Union Berlin have been released again.

At least 83 people were arrested last Thursday.

The police in the German capital says they do not know exactly how many Dutch people were involved.

Last Wednesday, the police arrested 71 people, including 58 Dutch people, in Berlin.

The arrests were mostly preventive or for relatively minor offenses, such as setting off fireworks and smoke bombs, a spokesman for the Berlin police said.

"We have always been able to prevent riots."

Despite the arrests, the spokesman spoke of a relatively quiet Thursday evening.

"We are still making an inventory of the total number of arrests. We will come up with the final figures on Friday afternoon."

Two weeks ago, the first meeting between Feyenoord and Union Berlin in Rotterdam was marred by disturbances.

On the night before the game, board members of the German club were attacked by hooligans in a cafe.

A day later, dozens of Union Berlin supporters were arrested for wanting to confront Feyenoord supporters.

Feyenoord won the away match against FC Union Berlin with 1-2.

The more than five thousand supporters in the Olympiastadion set off massive fireworks, as a result of which the Rotterdammers can again count on a penalty from the European football association UEFA.