(Winter Olympics asks "Ji") Most of the Winter Olympics games are held at night. How can the lighting of "Snow Ruyi" present the best lighting effects?

  China News Service, Zhangjiakou, November 4 (Li Xiaowei) The National Ski Jumping Center "Snow Ruyi" will host 10 games during the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, of which 6 will be held in the evening.

This puts forward higher requirements for the lighting and lighting of "Xue Ruyi".

  According to Wang Jingxian, deputy director of the Second Venue Construction Department of the Planning and Construction Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, facilities manager of the Guyangshu venues, and facilities manager of the National Ski Jumping Center, 6 of the 10 games are held in the evening. , Is to allow viewers in Europe, North America and other places where ice and snow sports are more developed to watch the TV broadcast of the Winter Olympic Games in a better time period.

"Snow Ruyi" lighting effects.

Photo by Zhai Yujia

  Wang Jingxian said that in addition to providing protection for athletes, the lighting of the venue is also mainly used for the Olympic Broadcasting Service (OBS) broadcast. Ultra-high-speed cameras require very sufficient light and illuminance, so the lighting requirements for the venue are very high.

In order to ensure the lighting of "Xue Ruyi" competition, after the design and calculation of professional lighting company, 15 large LED light poles are set up around the "Xue Ruyi" venue. These lights can ensure that all competition venues reach an illuminance of about 1600 lux.

"When all the 15 lampposts are turned on, they are almost as bright as daylight, which can meet the corresponding needs." Wang Jingxian said.

  In addition to these 15 lighting poles, there are also lighting facilities on both sides of the ski jumping track, which are not available in many foreign ski jumping venues.

  In addition, when it comes to the lighting of "Snow Ruyi", we should also mention its landscape lighting. Many special lighting effects can be made during the game, which can meet the needs of different scenes such as the opening ceremony, game time, and post-game operations. It is particularly cool and dazzling. , To make "Xue Ruyi" more eye-catching and more technological.