Director Tsuyoshi Shinjo, who was newly appointed as the director of Nippon-Ham, held a press conference from 2:00 pm on the 4th.

At the press conference with a wine red suit

Nippon-Ham Fighter Tsuyoshi Shinjo appeared at the inaugural meeting after 2:00 pm in a wine red suit and a white shirt with a wide open chest.

First, he said with a smile, "Thank you for gathering today. As the 22nd generation manager, I want to change the team without changing my face."

Current state of mind "I am most surprised"

Regarding his current feelings, he said, "I am most surprised. On the other hand, I am the only one, I am back with the desire to change Nippon Ham and professional baseball." ..

Contact after tryout "I thought it was a player's offer"

Based on the fact that I received a tryout jointly by 12 professional baseball teams, I received a message from the team, "How are you? Please do your best in the tryout. I am looking forward to seeing you someday." I thought it was a player's offer, but I didn't get in touch after that. The player couldn't come back, but I believed that there was always something in that one email from there. I'm glad I came. I feel like that. "

The team asked me to win, "I never aim to win."

Regarding the request from the team to win, "I don't aim to win at all. I think that if you have too high a goal, the players will not work. I practiced soberly one day a day and won the championship in September. I want to be a team that wants to win the championship if they are fighting. "

Accepting the offer "I'll do it in 1 second"

Nippon-Ham's new coach Tsuyoshi Shinjo was asked if he consulted with someone when he was offered to become a director. "I'm not the type to consult. I don't have anyone to consult. I will move it. I will decide for myself. "

He said about accepting the offer, "1 second, 1 second. I'll do it. Please. Naturally. I've been aiming for that for a year."