Director Shinji Sasaoka of professional baseball Hiroshima reported to the team owner about the battle this season.

Hiroshima fought the final round of the regular season on the 1st, finishing in 4th place with 63 wins, 68 losses and 12 draws, and on the 2nd, coach Sasaoka reported the fight for this season to former owner Matsuda at the baseball team office.

After the report, Director Sasaoka responded to the interview, saying, "I think that the players also have the regret that they could not fight for the championship. With young players coming out, we discussed how to connect next year." So, the owner ordered me to reorganize the pitchers and reconsider the baseball that scored one point.

On top of that, Director Sasaoka expected that he would reinforce foreign players next season, saying, "It's hard for me to be a force for two years. I'm working to get both pitchers and fielders."

Also, regarding pitchers Daichi Ohsera and Aren Kuri, who acquired the rights of FA = free agent only in Japan this season, "While respecting the rights of the players, I will convey my feelings of'together again next year'. Shota Dobayashi, who also acquired the rights, also expressed his intention to stay.

In addition, Seiya Suzuki, who is interested in playing in the major leagues, said, "It is natural that I want you to remain as an axis for both Carp and myself. It is difficult because there are places where I respect his dreams. I wish I could talk about various things during my vacation. "

Hiroshima will be practicing in the fall from the 8th of this month for next season.