A small fan of Liverpool club sent a message to his favorite star, Mohamed Salah, during his match against Brighton, which ended in a 2-2 draw yesterday, Saturday, in the tenth round of the English Premier League.

Fans and fans of the "Egyptian Pharaoh" usually try to convey messages or express their love for their favorite star, by raising banners in the stands during the matches in which Salah participates.

The image of the young fan that swept the communication sites (Reuters)

In many cases, Salah responds to these signs of admiration and love, either sending his greetings or meeting and shaking hands with some of these fans, or he may gift his shirt to some of them.

But the child in the stadium "Anfield" exceeded all expectations with a sign that read "My father is a hero, but Salah is the king", and after it was taken by more than one photographer from international agencies, this picture spread like wildfire on social networking sites.

It is noteworthy that the "Reds" fell into the trap of a draw at home against the stubborn Brighton, with two goals each.