In 2013, there were a paltry 7 paddle halls in Sweden.

By 2021, the figure is up to around 700 halls.

There are now almost twice as many paddle halls as ice hockey halls (362 sycken).

- From the beginning, it was more enthusiasts who built a course, but it has turned into a purely commercial property calculation.

What is my return if I build a hall ?, says the paddle association's chairman Tomas Andersson.

One explanation for so many wanting to play is simplicity, he believes.

It is relatively quick to get the game started, even for the beginner.

In addition, many could try paddle during the pandemic, when many municipal sports facilities closed.

Learn to serve like a paddle pro

In the video below, perhaps Sweden's best player on the women's side, Baharak "Barre" Soleymani, offers his best tips.

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Learn to serve as a paddle master - here are the best tips