A domestic ski jumping tournament was held in Sapporo, with Sara Takanashi winning the women's race and Ryoyu Kobayashi winning the men's race.

The ski jumping competition that started last week was the last domestic competition before the World Cup, and large hills for men and women were held at the Okurayama Jump Stadium in Sapporo.

For girls, Takanashi, who is aiming for a gold medal at the Beijing Olympics next year, took the lead by flying 134 meters 50 for the first time.

In the second time, he extended the flight distance to 136 meters 50, which is close to the "hill size" which is considered dangerous if he flies any more, and won the championship with a total points of 271.0, a big difference of 60 points or more to the second place.

Takanashi has won three consecutive victories, including the normal hill and large hill of the All Japan Championship.

Second place was boy Kobayashi's older sister, Satoshi, and third place was Yuki Ito.

In addition, Kobayashi, who broke the record for the most wins in the World Cup for Japanese men last season, took the lead by marking 130 meters while the gate was two steps lower than the previous player.

In the second time, which was 1.4 points behind the second-placed player, he flew 143 meters 50, which is on the same level as the jumping table record, and won the championship with a total of 309.4 points.

Kobayashi has also won three consecutive victories following the All Japan Championship.

Second place was Kobayashi's older brother Junshiro, and third place was Naoki Nakamura.

49-year-old veteran Noriaki Kasai was in 20th place.

Takanashi "Results in proportion to your own condition"

Takanashi said, "I was blessed with very good conditions both times and I was able to fly firmly because it was a headwind. Many people came to see me and I was able to fly with cheering as power. I'm happy. "

And, "I wasn't able to get stable results in the Sapporo game, but I was able to get results in proportion to my own condition, which gave me confidence, and I want to change this tournament. Was also found. "

On top of that, for the World Cup starting next month, he said, "I feel like I made a good base this summer, so I hope I can connect it firmly for winter."

Kobayashi "I was confident in the content of the jump."

Ryoyu Kobayashi said, "The first time the gate was down, but I was able to jump out calmly. The second time I tried to calmly jump and I could ride the wind and make a guts pose for the first time in a while. I've done it, "he recalled with a smile.

On top of that, he said, "I know what's wrong with me and I know the points to correct. I'm confident in the content of the jump." I want to do my best to win the first victory so that I can continue to fight at the top of the world. I want you to enjoy the Olympics as well. "