At the World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics held in Kitakyushu City, a group synthesis was held, and Japan finished 4th with no major mistakes.

The World Championships for Rhythmic Gymnastics held in Kitakyushu City was held on the 29th, the third day of the tournament.

Japan, which was 8th in the Tokyo Olympics, was attended by Sayuri Sugimoto, Rie Matsubara, Ayuka Suzuki, three representative members of the Tokyo Olympics, Rina Imaoka, and Rinako Inagi.

In the first event of the ball, Japan scored a high score of 45.000 with a performance without major mistakes, such as throwing the ball with a good rhythm and exchanging it on a light song and catching it in a difficult posture.

In the second hoop club, although there were minor mistakes in exchanging hand tools, he performed a difficult composition and marked 39.900.

Japan ranked 4th overall in the group with a total score of 84.900 for the second event.

The victory was 88.350 at the Russian Gymnastics Federation, which won the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

The performance on the 29th also served as a qualifying round for each group event, with Japan finishing 2nd in the ball and 5th in the Hoop Club, both advancing to the event-specific finals on the 31st.

Sayuri Sugimoto "Thanks for having an audience"

Sayuri Sugimoto, the captain of the Japanese national team of the group, said, "I think that the ball of the first event was put together without mistakes, so I think it led to a high score. There was a mistake in the hoop club, but after that, each one I was able to respond calmly. I would like to improve firmly and face the finals of each event, "he recalled on the 29th.

Regarding the fact that the two members were replaced from the Tokyo Olympics, "At the Olympics, each of them had very good materials, but no one could put them out. The new members also have good things. So I've been practicing to get it all out. Everyone was conscious of getting the best out of them first. "

And, "I was really happy to be able to dance in front of the audience for the first time in a long time. Various people supported me and that was our power, so I decided to have an audience. I am grateful, "he said with a smile.