WADA = World Anti-Doping Agency falsely reports doping test samples collected at domestic competitions as unannounced tests conducted at home, etc. in order to qualify athletes for the Tokyo Olympics in Ukraine. I have compiled a report that there is a suspicion that was done.

WADA released a report on alleged fraud of the Ukrainian Anti-Doping Agency investigated by an independent organization on the 26th.

Among them, in Ukraine, since 2012, the results of doping tests that collect samples at competitions are falsely regarded as the results of unannounced doping tests that do not notify athletes who are required to participate before major international competitions. He points out that there is evidence of fraud such as reporting.

In addition, it is said that such acts continued until recently, and it is suspected that false reports were made at the Tokyo Olympics held this summer in order to meet the minimum number of unannounced inspections required of athletes before participating. There is.

WADA said that it had reported this to the relevant organizations before the report was published, and the future of the disposition to athletes and the Ukrainian Anti-Doping Agency will be watched.