Malmö FF won the summit against AIK with 1-0 last night.

However, that was not what was in focus after the match.

When the players have left the pitch and when the exits have been opened, an exchange of words begins between the supporter teams.

The home team's supporters rushed towards the away section and a Bengal started throwing back and forth between them.

Several of Malmö FF's employees were injured.

Despite this, the club's CEO Niclas Carlnén is satisfied with the security effort.

- It is the audience hosts who do the first job, then the security guards and after that the police.

I would say that the work that is done is really exactly as we planned, says Carlnén to SVT Sport and continues.

What we do not get in this case is what is thrown away.

That's what it's the most boring part of this.

It is also what hurts some of our staff.

How do you see that the MFF supporters could get all the way to the AIK heel?

- The grandstand and the stadium are an open stadium.

At the same time, there are no barriers on the home section, you can move from one part to the other part of the long side.

- My opinion is that when the players have left the pitch and we have opened up the exits and the majority of the audience has left the stadium - then there is an exchange of words between away - and the home supporters and it escalates.

How do you work on this?

- Of course we evaluate our matches.

Some of those who threw the Bengals were unmasked and then there is also a great opportunity for the police to actually arrest them.

According to Carlnén, none of the staff were seriously injured and did not need to go to hospital.

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Supporters threw Bengals at each other after the summit