David Henderson, the businessman who arranged the flight that killed footballer Emiliano Sala, was found guilty by a jury in Britain on Thursday of "endangering the safety of an aircraft".

The 67-year-old Briton ordered pilot David Ibbotson to fly Sala to England in January 2019 without authorization from the authorities.

The attacker was supposed to complete his million-dollar transfer from FC Nantes to Cardiff City there, but he never arrived.

The plane with Sala on board crashed into the Channel near Guernsey.

Both the 28-year-old attacker and 59-year-old pilot Ibbotson did not survive the crash.

Later, only Sala's body was found.

Henderson hears sentence on November 12

During the investigation it was already known that Ibbotson did not have a license for commercial flights.

He also had no permission to fly at night and his license to fly a Piper Malibu aircraft had expired.

A majority of the twelve-member jury decided after 7.5 hours of deliberation that Henderson is guilty of controlling the plane in question.

He will hear on November 12 how high his sentence is.

The transfer of Sala was reportedly involved an amount of approximately 20 million euros.

FIFA later decided that Cardiff City still had to pay Nantes an amount of 6 million euros.