The cross-country national team is at a high-altitude camp in the Italian Val Senales.

One who is not included is Frida Karlsson.

Instead, she trains at home in the hope of getting better continuity in training.

- I have chosen to be in Sweden to have a higher quality of training and get more continuity in the speed sessions, she says.

The 22-year-old has previously been forced to step down from training as she has been over the limit for overtraining.

But that is not the case now.

- No, absolutely not, it is quite the opposite really.

I am at home to be able to train more, to get more quality and harder training than if I were to train at height.

In February, it's time for the season's big highlight, the Beijing Olympics.

That's when it comes to being on top, she sees the way there as pure preparation.

- This year, I see the World Cup as a step on the way to the big goal which is the Olympics.

It is at the Olympics that I want to perform at the top, and until then I will sit quietly in the boat and really just want to get receipts that I am on the right track, says Frida Karlsson to SVT Sport.

CLIP: Johaug about Frida Karlsson: "Will be fast regardless" (27 Oct 2021)

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Before, I always looked only at myself, Photo: Bildbyrån.