Although the position of general manager at Feyenoord does not seem very attractive, the club is hopeful to soon be able to present a successor to Mark Koevermans.

The driver announced his departure on Wednesday after threats and intimidation.

Koevermans was already the third general manager at Feyenoord in five years.

The management of Feyenoord spoke at a press conference in De Kuip on Wednesday of a "sad day for the club" and reported that "a very large part of the staff was extremely depressed" by his departure.

Nevertheless, the Rotterdam folk club expects to be able to present a new director in the short term.

"I still think we can find a lot of people who will perform this job with a lot of passion," said Toon van Bodegom, chairman of the supervisory board.

Van Bodegom himself will not fill the position, he said firmly.

Koevermans came under fire from a small part of the supporters because of the plans to build a new stadium.

In September of this year, the windows of the front door of Koevermans' house were smashed and that same door was defaced with the letters 'RJK' (Rotterdam Youth Kern), a group of young hooligans.

That move was the last straw for the general manager.

The Feyenoord supervisory board emphasized on Wednesday that it has not been proven that there is a connection between the intimidation and the stadium file, just as it is not certain that Feyenoord supporters were behind the action.

Stickers with hateful texts at stadium De Kuip.

Stickers with hateful texts at stadium De Kuip.

Photo: ANP

Koevermans would actually stay another year

Koevermans will formally retire on 1 December.

"We want to appoint a successor as soon as possible, although I don't think it will be possible before the end of the year," said Van Bodegom.

In the summer of 2019, Koevermans was appointed as Jan de Jong's successor.

Initially, the former tennis pro held the position on an interim basis, until he was given a permanent position in November of that year.

"Mark was supposed to carry out the position for another year," Van Bodegom said.

"Unfortunately, that has now come to an end."

Feyenoord was satisfied with the director's work.

"Sportingly, the club has clearly found its way up. We have started the season well and that is also thanks to Mark. In addition, he had the search for investors and the stadium file in his package. Through no fault of his own, we are less far there." than hoped for."

Feyenoord reported that a major investor had dropped out because of the threats against Koevermans.

The intended construction of Feyenoord City, which some fans are strongly against, is also still not final.

The Rotterdam club announced that it would come up with news about this in the short term.


Feyenoord responds to the departure of director Koevermans after threats

'Don't forget that most of the fans are great'

The supervisory board has not tried to persuade Koevermans to stay.

"Mark had to take the threats into account in his daily life. He no longer wanted to do that to his family," said Vice-President Gérard Moussault.

"A home situation is always more important than your work. If someone makes a decision because of a personal situation, you don't try to persuade them."

The commissioners realized that the events surrounding Koevermans could have a very bad influence on the club.

"But let's not forget that the majority of Feyenoord supporters are great fans," Van Bodegom emphasized.

"Foreign clubs that come to De Kuip are still very impressed with the atmosphere here. Now that we have also started sporting the line up, I think there are enough conditions for someone to get started here."