The origins of the chants, which the Mönchengladbacher Nordkurve started sometime in the second half, were clearly feelings such as malicious joy and mockery.

"And you want to be German champions?", It rang out from the stands, while the highest DFB Cup defeat of the glorious FC Bayern Munich took on more and more concrete forms since the Big Bang.

In the ears of the many Bundesliga fans and probably also in the thoughts of the relatives of the record champions, this simple question from the audience will probably reverberate for a while.

The hegemon lost 0: 5 at Borussia Mönchengladbach.

“They seemed at a loss for whatever reason,” said Gladbach's sports director Max Eberl about the desperate opponent, while Hasan Salihamidzic, FC Bayern's sports director, diagnosed a “collective blackout”.

The impressions of the evening have the potential to leave a few scratches on the image of the eternal master from Säbener Straße.

Thomas Müller is a player who has the courage to say what he thinks and feels, even in bad moments.

So the national player said on the mild October night: "I've never seen such a collective failure by a Bayern team in such an important game." Bayern were "torn apart from A to Z" in the first half.

"FC-Bayern-Wut-Motor" does not work

That was just a sober finding at first, but looking into the future, Müller became pensive: “We are used to reacting after negative experiences. But that's easy to say, ”he explained. Shortly after this fabulous demise, he was evidently anything but certain that the old Mia-san-mia-Bavarians would simply carry on as always after this dismantling.

The usual mechanisms had already failed during the game. At halftime, when the score was 3-0, people in the stadium whispered to each other out of respect for the dreaded anger of Munich that this game could quickly tip in another direction with a goal. Müller also waited for “the FC Bayern rage engine to start”. That was an interesting phrase. Apparently Müller has the feeling that this drive starts by itself if it doesn't work in a game. That did not happen, not even Joshua Kimmich succeeded in setting impulses for resistance.

The week before, after a similar debacle for his team at Ajax Amsterdam, Dortmund's coach Marco Rose had speculated in a TV expert group that Kimmich would defend himself differently against such defeats than some of his players: “In Munich, a Joshua Kimmich waves not just off, he'll be really angry, ”said Rose at the time. In Mönchengladbach, however, there was nothing to be seen of an angry Kimmich who carried his team away. Perhaps the discussion about the national player's decision not to be vaccinated against the coronavirus for the time being has become a burden.

It is bizarre that such a private decision by an individual is negotiated on the same level as the coalition talks of the traffic light parties or the relationship between NATO and Russia.

It would be downright astonishing if Kimmich could ignore all of this or deal with it without delay.

In addition, Lucas Hernández was threatened with imprisonment after a physical altercation several years ago with a friend, his current wife.