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  On the 100-day countdown to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the mobile landscape of the Winter Olympics-Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games uniforms and equipment officially unveiled.

This uniform and equipment that stands out from more than 600 sets of exterior design works has been optimized for 8 rounds before and after. It contains profound cultural connotation and rich technological content. It combines traditional Chinese landscape paintings with the core graphics of the Winter Olympics. The perfect combination of functionality, nationality and artistry can achieve free wear under temperature changes and scene transitions.

The exclusive identities of these staff, technical officials and volunteers will form a flowing landscape in the Winter Olympics.

Harmony of Heaven and Man

  Winter Olympic uniforms and equipment for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics staff, technical officials and volunteers to wear and use, including clothing, shoes, accessories three categories.

The appearance design of the Winter Olympics uniforms is inspired by the traditional Chinese landscape paintings and the snow-capped mountains in the core graphics of the Winter Olympics.

  The design of the core graphics of the Winter Olympics demonstrates the traditional Chinese idea of ​​"Taoism and Nature, Unity of Nature and Man", combining the shape of the mountains and the Great Wall in the Jingzhang competition area, as well as the green landscape of the "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains".

The uniform appearance design finalized by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee reasonably extended the core graphics of the Winter Olympics to three-dimensional clothing, using the brushstrokes with the charm of Chinese ink painting, thick and thin lines, and the layers of virtual reality. Ingeniously integrated with ice and snow sports.

  In the choice of color, the calm ink color and the vigorous Xia Guanghong show the hard work and enthusiasm of the staff, the neutral Great Wall gray shows the objective and fairness of the technical officials, and the bright sky blue shows the youthful vitality of the volunteers, and the pure Ruixue As a harmonious color, white symbolizes the "Ruixue Zhaofeng Year".

Xiaguang red, Great Wall gray, sky blue, and Ruixue white, the main colors in the color system of the Winter Olympics outline the magnificent scenes and spatial artistic conception of the Winter Olympics, as well as the sense of rhythm and rhythm of winter sports.

  Yan Cheng, director of the Human Resources Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said: “We refer to the working principles of the International Olympic Committee, draw lessons from previous Winter Olympics preparation experience and uniform category setting practices, and target the specific climatic conditions and differences in Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou during the game. According to the work needs of different positions and different positions, the uniforms and equipment categories are planned, which can realize the freedom to wear under temperature changes and scene transitions. At the same time, the visual appearance design of uniforms and equipment is developed around the perfect combination of functionality, nationality and artistry, and finally Created this set of uniform equipment."

Wanli pick a pair of Austrian heritage

  In the process of planning, designing, and producing uniforms during the competition, the uniform team of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, the chief designer, and the official partner of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, Anta Company, devoted themselves.

  Since 2019, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has established a uniform and equipment expert committee to check the selection of uniform and equipment fabrics, version upgrades, and appearance design.

Relying on the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and Anta Company, the "Uniform Equipment R&D Laboratory" was established to continuously research and develop fabrics, structures, processes, etc., and complete sample tests.

The global public solicitation of uniform and equipment visual appearance design plans has received a total of 602 sets and more than 10,000 works from home and abroad. The Winter Olympics were promoted and the image was established in the solicitation.

  On this basis, the China Fashion Designers Association was entrusted to organize 3 review meetings to determine 2 sets of candidate design schemes.

Finally, after repeated consideration and continuous optimization, a set of visual appearance design solutions with distinctive features, mature styles and rich connotations have been formed.

  Coincidentally, the designer of the final plan, He Yang from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, was also a uniform designer for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

In the mid-summer of 2008, the Xia Olympic uniforms with smart auspicious cloud patterns and refreshing tones have become the eternal memory of many Chinese people about the Olympics.

  From the Summer Olympics to the Winter Olympics, the Olympic uniforms must not only have the same design principles, but also make technological breakthroughs and conceptual innovations based on the characteristics of the winter events.

He Yang said that with the help of the large-scale international platform of the Winter Olympics, the image of Chinese culture can be well established. Uniforms are an important clothing design item for the Olympics. The design must be aware of the national brand image to convey the spirit of the Chinese people. And fashion point of view.

  "Uniform design must first convey the cultural characteristics of the host country, which is different from previous uniforms. Second, consider fashion and function. How do visual elements reflect on uniforms? Does everyone look good? Uniforms should be unique and ensure uniforms The eye-catching and easy-to-recognize function avoids being submerged in the environment." He Yang said.

  She exemplified the double Olympic heritage of uniforms. For example, the gray ink image of the winter Olympic uniform tops was also derived from the Great Wall gray in the colors of the Winter Olympics. The Great Wall gray is the extension of the colors of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and connects Beijing. The Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics reflect the elegance of the city of Double Olympics.

Technological innovation pays attention to details

  Lightweight, warmth, beautiful and comfortable, is the meaning of the winter Olympic uniform research and development, and in order to achieve these, it requires technological innovation and detailed application.

The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee gives full play to the role of professional forces and professional institutions, promotes the application of new materials, new processes, and new technologies, and enhances the functional protection of uniforms and equipment.

Uniforms in the competition are from scratch, from the scheme to the actual samples, from the samples to mass production, each step is constantly advancing in the continuous collision, adjustment, and optimization.

  In terms of pattern design, uniforms face the common needs of about 30,000 wearers. Everyone's body shape and dressing habits are different. The pattern design must have enough tolerance to meet individual needs. , It is necessary to ensure the comfort of the inner and outer jacket while wearing, but also to maintain the beauty of the profile.

Therefore, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has carried out multiple rounds of layout adjustment and optimization. Based on the wearing of professional winter sports equipment and ergonomic principles, it adopts functional fabrics and three-dimensional tailoring methods to take into account the needs of indoor and outdoor multi-scene operations under dynamic and static conditions. Realize all-round protection and auxiliary support.

  In the use of materials, due to the special climatic conditions of winter sports, uniforms must not only resist the severe cold, windproof and warmth, but also breathable and moisture-permeable, light and comfortable.

However, windproof and breathable, warmth and lightness are objectively contradictory. Therefore, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has made great efforts to achieve a balance through scientific material selection and wear and match combinations to maximize the satisfaction of all scenarios. need.

  For example, uniform filling floc chooses a new type of multi-layer structure thermal floc with domestic patent technology, and makes targeted improvements according to the use environment of the Winter Olympics to meet the thermal requirements of cold environments.

For example, the waterproof membrane used in warm boots is 100% waterproof, wind-proof, breathable, and recyclable; the sole uses wet ice anti-slip material, and the wet ice anti-slip particles are complemented by the design of crampon shading, which has excellent ice anti-skid performance and grip. Capacity.

For another example, the laminated composite fabric used in the functional outerwear combined with high-performance membrane materials is light, fit and elastic, and has good waterproof, breathable and anti-condensation functions.

  In terms of process selection, according to the 3D functional partition of the human body, the back, underarms and other parts of the functional underwear suit that are prone to sweating are spliced ​​with single-item moisture-conducting materials and skin-friendly quick-drying materials to achieve multi-functional requirements.

The cold-proof clothing adopts the hot-melt pressing process of the inner seamless thread, which achieves the excellent characteristics of windproof, waterproof and anti-fleece.

The fleece fabric achieves anti-static effect through post-processing and improves overall wearing comfort.

  In terms of details, the functional jacket adds night-time reflective safety design, cuffs, neckline, zippers, shoulders add waterproof, non-slip, and breathable designs. In addition, it is also equipped with walkie-talkie hanging loops, survival whistle, hidden stylus and glasses cloth, Invisible zipper pockets, etc.; neck sleeves are equipped with vents, elastic adjustment buckles, gloves are equipped with anti-slip, signature and touch screen functions; shoes and boots uniformly use the knob closure system with strong metal wire, tighten it by pressing, and loose it with one button. It is convenient for outdoor operation with one-handed gloves.

  In the production process, the uniform design pattern must be scaled and positioned according to the corresponding proportion on each uniform of different sizes, so the biggest challenge comes from the positioning and printing process.

In this regard, Anta’s technical departments and supply chain companies have made a lot of adjustments and improvements in craftsmanship, so that the patterns and colors can be perfectly presented on the uniform.

  At the same time, uniforms and equipment are also focusing on practicing the concept of green environmental protection and sustainability in various links such as design, production, and distribution.

For example, the yarns used in equipment storage bags are all environmentally friendly yarns produced by recycling waste plastic products; packaging bags are made of biodegradable masterbatch, with a 180-day degradation rate of more than 90%; shoe and boot leather processing The process adopts patented water-saving technology.

  In addition, in the work related to uniforms and equipment during competitions, the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee also follows the principle of frugality in hosting the Olympics, and has adopted a series of measures to save competition costs. Double emblems of the Paralympics to improve the sustainability of uniforms and equipment, and reduce the number of uniforms issued for the Winter Paralympics; when determining production orders, based on limited data, the gender ratio and size distribution of staff, volunteers, and technical officials are determined. Based on repeated calculations, a reasonable estimate of the gender ratio of uniforms and equipment during the game, the number of different sizes and numbers, and scientific control of the stocking volume.

(Headquarters reporter Wang Shengdong, Wang Feng, Li Xiaohu, Yin Yinan)