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Blues defender Lucas Hernandez during the France team's match against Germany, June 15, 2021 in Munich FRANCK FIFE AFP / Archives

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The French international of Bayern Munich Lucas Hernandez, sentenced in Spain to six months in prison for non-compliance with a removal measure after domestic violence, will not go to prison, the Spanish justice having accepted his appeal on Wednesday.


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Madrid (AFP)

We consider that the appeal must be accepted and that the execution of the sentence of deprivation of liberty imposed on Lucas François Bernard Hernandez must be suspended

", indicated in its decision the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid, on the eve of the deadline set by the courts for voluntary entry into prison of the player.

This suspension of sentence remains, however, conditioned on the fact that the player, who will have to pay a fine of 96,000 euros, " 

does not commit a new offense

" for a period of four years, the court said.

The decision is a relief for the player, but also for his club, since Hernandez, transferred from Atlético to Bayern in the summer of 2019 for 80 million euros, is the most expensive player in the history of the Bavarian club. and the entire Bundesliga.

This epilogue is also excellent news for the France team, of which Hernandez is one of the pillars.

In their judgment, the three magistrates justify their decision to suspend the sentence by stressing that " 

one cannot ignore that the person whom he could not approach

", in this case his wife, " 

consented to this reconciliation


Bumps and scratches

They also state that since the finding of non-compliance with this removal measure, in June 2017, Lucas Hernandez has not been guilty of " 

any new criminal act, which leads us to consider that at this stage, he it is not necessary for him to carry out the sentence to prevent him from committing an offense


Finally, the court says it has taken note of the fact that the player lives with his wife and their son " 

without knowledge of any new incidents between them


French defender Lucas Hernandez with his wife Amelia Llorente during the presentation of the player to Bayern, July 8, 2019 in Munich Christof STACHE AFP / Archives

The case initially dates back to February 3, 2017.

The one who was not yet world champion with the Blues, then aged 21, and his companion Amelia Lorente had come to blows, exchanging blows and scratches in front of their home in Madrid at dawn.

She hit and scratched him before scratching his car with a key, while the player hit him on the ribs, back, jaw and lips, according to the judgment consulted by AFP.

"Repeat offender"

They had both been sentenced at the end of February 2017 to the same sentence by a court in Madrid for " 

domestic violence

": 31 days of community service accompanied by a six-month ban on approaching less than 500 meters l 'to each other and communicate.

But four months later, in June 2017, when they returned from their honeymoon in the United States, where they had married, the player was arrested at Madrid airport for not having respected this measure of remoteness.

Incongruous fact: his wife, with whom he had since had a child born in 2018, had not been arrested, because this measure had not yet been formally notified to him.

Placed in custody for a few hours, the footballer, who was playing at Atlético Madrid at the time, was finally sentenced, in 2019, to six months in prison.

He appealed, but the courts initially refused in mid-October to adjust his sentence, as is generally the case in Spain for people sentenced to less than two years in prison and with a clean criminal record.

Lucas Hernandez during the Nations League semi-final between France and Belgium, October 7, 2021 in Turin FRANCK FIFE AFP / Archives

The court in charge of the case had, in fact, underlined that the footballer was a “ 

repeat offender

” because of his conviction of 2017 for “ 

injuries in the context of domestic violence

”, of that of 2019 for non-compliance with the removal measure, but also of an “ 

other conviction

” for “ 

domestic violence

”, pronounced by a court of Mostoles, city of the suburbs of Madrid, of which the details and the date were not communicated.

Hernandez had presented himself " 


" on October 18, one day before his summons, before a court in Madrid, which had given him a period of ten days, that is until October 28, to go to a prison and be imprisoned there. .


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