The French professional footballer Lucas Hernández does not have to go to jail.

A Madrid court suspended the original prison sentence of six months and instead imposed a fine of 240 daily rates of 400 euros each, a total of 96,000 euros.

The background to the proceedings was a tangible dispute that Hernández, who previously played for Atlético Madrid and has been under contract with Bayern Munich since summer 2019, had with his girlfriend at the time and now wife on the street in Madrid.

Injuries occurred and the professional's vehicle was also damaged. At the time, the court held both responsible for the dispute and therefore sentenced both of them to community service. However, the verdict against Hernández was based on a paragraph dealing exclusively with violence against women, and his partner was convicted of domestic violence.

As is usually the case with judgments for violence against women, the court imposed a ban on both of them for six months - a common measure in Spain, because beating men often see women repeatedly after a conviction, often with the intention of killing them.

Even a subsequent reconciliation cannot easily lift a ban on approaching, the Spanish Supreme Court ruled last year, which is intended to prevent the perpetrators or those around them from exerting pressure on the victims.

But Hernández and his girlfriend reconciled and flew on vacation.

In doing so, they violated the no-go-proximity policy and a court sentenced Hernández to six months in prison.

These days he was supposed to go into custody.

His lawyers had appealed against this - with success.

However, it also came out in the legal dispute: There is still another ruling from 2018 against Hernández for bodily harm, which he had already committed in 2015.

Hernández has already been legally convicted twice, the court now emphasizes, which actually excludes the suspension of the custody.

However, the court could not disregard the fact that his girlfriend met him again voluntarily, later even married him and now lives with him with a son.

In addition, there are no new judgments against him, it says in the explanatory memorandum, and no new offenses are to be expected.

However, if Hernández commits more in the next four years, he still has to serve the prison sentence.