Feyenoord's supervisory board does not have a good word for the threats that led to the departure of general director Mark Koevermars.

The Rotterdammers emphasize that they need help in solving the problem, because it is not clear from which quarter the threat comes.

"This is not just Feyenoord's problem, it happens throughout the Netherlands," said chairman Toon van Bodegom of the supervisory board at a press conference in De Kuip on Wednesday.

"We have to come to a solution with the municipality, the KNVB and the police, because this situation is no longer tenable."

53-year-old Koevermans announced on Wednesday that he would stop as general manager on 1 December.

He feels he can no longer perform his job properly "due to a series of incidents" without questioning whether this will have an impact on the security situation of him and his family.

In September of this year, windows of Koevermans' house were smashed and vandals daubed his front door.

As a proponent of a new Feyenoord stadium, the general director has not been good with some of the supporters for some time, although the supervisory board does not think for the time being that the threats posed by Koevermans have to do with the Feyenoord City project.

"There is no connection between the threats and the stadium file," said Vice-President Gérard Moussault.

"We have had more excesses like this in the past. We are in consultation with the triangle because they do not know what the background is of the people who have this on their conscience."

Mark Koevermans will step down as general manager of Feyenoord on 1 December.

Mark Koevermans will step down as general manager of Feyenoord on 1 December.

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'We will resist tooth and nail'

Van Bodegom added that the stadium file is "an important file that keeps people busy".

However, it is not yet known what the motive was of the people responsible for the threats.

The supervisory board takes into account the scenario that the threat does not come from Feyenoord.

"We receive signals from the government that elusive elements are involved that have nothing to do with Feyenoord. We take responsibility, but at a certain point we are also dependent on government support," Moussault says.

"I also consciously make a very clear distinction between supporters and other people. We are now talking about those other people. What happened is absolutely intolerable. Regardless of the motive, we will resist tooth and nail."

Feyenoord is now working with the municipality, the police and the KNVB on a solution, but the supervisory board could not say anything about it at the press conference.

"Until there is a plan for the campaign, we will not make any statements about it," said Van Bodegom.