Charlie Morton of Atlanta Braves broke his leg in the first game of the World Series against the Houston Astros on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday (Dutch time).

The pitcher played on, but later dropped out.

It appears that 37-year old Morton already sustained his leg injury in the second inning, when a ball from batter Yuli Gurriel landed on his ankle.

Remarkably, the American initially decided to stay on the field and threw out two more batters for the Astros.

In the third inning, Morton was ravaged too much by the pain in his leg.

He stumbled off the field and was replaced by AJ Minter.

An extensive scan revealed that Morton has broken the lower end of his fibula.

"When the second inning was over, I asked how he was," catcher Travis d'Arnaud reflected.

"He only said that the ball had hit him well and he also walked a bit separately. I did not know that something was broken. That he was still throwing people out with a broken leg is bizarre."

Braves manager Brian Snitker emphasized that Morton, who logically can no longer play this World Series, was eager to continue playing himself.

"That's Charlie. He just wants to get on this podium. I feel really bad for him because he's a great person."

Atlanta Braves did win the opening game against the Houston Astros in the World Series, 6-2.

The second game in the best-of-seven series is Wednesday and will be played again in Houston.