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last national handball final, three players were sent off one after another at the end of the game, and the game was turned upside down. As the judgment controversy spread, the Handball Association launched an investigation.

This is reporter Bae Jung-hoon.


In the final of the girls' high school on the 14th, Ilshin Girls' High School, representing North Chungcheong Province, was on the verge of winning the championship by two points ahead of Gangwon's representative Hwangjibo High School three minutes before the end.

But from this point on, Ilshin Girls' High School's nightmare of leaving begins.

The defender of Ilshin Girls' High School, who collided with an attacker and fell, was sent off for 2 minutes due to Hollywood action, and one player was sent off for 2 minutes because the coaches protested the decision.

Ilshin Girls' High School, which was gradually pursued by conceding one goal after two missing, lost another two minutes before the end.

Ilshin Girls' High School, who collided with an opponent, was sent off for delaying the match, and 3 defenders blocked 6 attackers.

Immediately after the match, Ilshin Girls' High School strongly protested, and the controversy over bias judgment even reached the Blue House petition.

[Lee Doo-gyu / Ilshin Girls' High School Handball Coach: 'It's okay if you work hard. I said I can overcome everything.' In the end, the kids won, but they lost administratively. Even after doing that, the association has nothing to do with it... . I think it should be thoroughly investigated and appropriate punishment should be given.]

The Korea Handball Association acknowledged some errors in judgment and imposed a disciplinary action against one technical executive, but as the controversy spreads, they said they plan to start a re-investigation soon.

(Video coverage: Seol Seol-hwan, video editing: Kim Byung-jik, CG: Kang Yu-ra, screen source: Handball TV)